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Biweekly Community Call: Meeting Minutes, January 24, 2013


Biweekly Community Call: Meeting Minutes, January 24, 2013

Meeting convened: 2PM PDT

Meeting adjourned: 3PM PDT


  1. NIST workshop
  2. Strata Conference
  4. Google and Greenplum offer ressources
  5. BDBC mailing list
  7. Next call will be 9 am PDT

Agenda Item 1

The NIST Cloud and Big Data workshop was last week. We had a poster on the big data benchmarking activity, and our BigData Top100 List initiative.

Agenda Item 2

There will be a presentation by Milind Bhandarkar, Greenplum and Chaitan Baru at the Strata Conference, Feb 26-28, Santa Clara on the same topic.

Agenda Item 3

Status update of the July meeting in China. We are working on the CFP. 

Agenda Item 4

Google and Greenplum offer storage and compute ressources for big data benchmarking. 

Agenda Item 5

BDBC mailing list is operational. If you want to participate, let us know.

Agenda Item 6

Next workshop in the Bay Area might be partially collocated with IEEE Conference on Big Data in October in San Jose.

Agenda Item 7

Next call time. We will try changing the call time to 9 am PDT for our next call to accommodate participants from Europe and India.