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Brocade CloudsThe Workshop on Big Data Benchmarking is a first important step towards the development of a set of benchmarks for providing objective measures of the effectiveness of hardware and software systems dealing with big data applications. These benchmarks would facilitate evaluation of alternative solutions and provide for comparisons among different solution approaches. The benchmarks need to characterize the new feature sets, enormous data sizes, large-scale and evolving system configurations, shifting loads, and heterogeneous technologies of big-data and cloud platforms. There are new challenges and options in software for big data such as SQL, NoSQL, and the Hadoop software ecosystem; different modalities of big data, including graphs, streams, scientific data, and document collections, etc; new options in hardware including, HDD vs SSD, different types of HDD, SSD, and main memory, and large-memory systems; and, new platform options that include dedicated commodity clusters and cloud platforms.

The objective of this invitation-only workshop is to identify key issues and to launch an activity around the definition of reference benchmarks that can capture the essence of big data application scenarios. The ultimate goal is to provide clear objective information to help characterize and understand hardware and system performance as well as price/performance. The workshop will assemble a group of experts with backgrounds in big data, database systems, benchmarking and system performance, cloud storage and computing, and related areas. Attendees will provide a 2-page abstract on an aspect of big data benchmarking, e.g. application characteristics, hardware, software, benchmark metrics, price/performance measurement, and auditing rules, which will be made available at the website. Attendees will be both from industry and academia.

The workshop proceedings were published in the Springer series Lecture Notes on  on Comupter Science (LNCS), volume 8163.