Important Dates

Workshop: December 14-15, 2015, New Delhi, India

Camera-ready deadline, for selected full papers: December 31, 2015


WBDB Benchmarking Challenge

The First WBDB Benchmarking Challenge will be host of the First WBDB Benchmarking Challenge. The goal is to propose and potentially implement the best extension to BigBench.

BigBench is an end-to-end big data benchmark. The underlying business model is a product retailer. The benchmark covers a data model and synthetic data generator that addresses the variety, velocity and volume aspects of big data systems containing structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. The structured part of the BigBench data model is adopted from the TPC-DS benchmark, which is enriched with semi-structured and unstructured data components. The semi-structured part captures registered and guest user clicks on the retailer's website. The unstructured data captures product reviews submitted online. The data generator designed for BigBench provides scalable volumes of raw data based on a scale factor. The BigBench workload is designed around a set of queries against the data model. From a business prospective, the queries cover the different categories of big data analytics proposed by McKinsey. From a technical prospective, the queries are designed to span three different dimensions based on data sources, query processing types and analytic techniques.

The submissions can be any kind of extension, e.g., workload, use case, tooling, new system implementation, metrics, extensive results. A none exhaustive list of suggestions can be found in the paper Baru et al.: Discussion of BigBench: A Proposed Industry Standard Performance Benchmark for Big Data.

Submission Process

The challenge is review based, i.e., we will accept papers describing the BigBench extensions proposed. The proposals will be reviewed and ranked by the Challenge Committee. The criteria for the ranking will be quality, relevance, and completeness of the proposal.

Papers must be submitted through the CMT system in the Challenge Track. Papers should be formatted using the Springer LNCS Proceedings Format. Winning extensions will be published in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series by Springer Verlag as part of the WBDB 2015 proceedings.

Extending the Data Set

bankmark will provide free versions of PDGF for challenge participants, which can be used to extend the BigBench data generator. To obtain a free version please contact

Important Dates

  • Submission deadline: October 12th
  • Announcement of winners/ranking: October 30th
  • Presentation of best solutions at December 14th


The best submission will be selected by the Challenge Committee and the author(s) will receive a stipend of up to USD $1,000, specifically to cover actual travel expenses to attend


Challenge Chair

Challenge Committee

  • Chaitan Baru - NSF
  • Milind Bhandarkar - Stealth
  • Manuel Danisch - bankmark
  • Michael Frank - bankmark
  • John Poelman - IBM
  • Francois Raab - InfoSizing
  • Tilmann Rabl - University of Toronto
  • ChoonhanYoun - SDSC